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Service Agreement

Terms and conditions


ITINERIS s.r.l. (which holds the commercial name, brand and / or sign of NCC-TAXI and “NCC-TAXI-ITALY.COM”, in this agreement identified by the terms “we” or “our / our / our or NCC-TAXI) acts as an intermediary agent on behalf of third party providers of people transfer services (“Supplier”) from major airports in northern Italy, from hotels or locations to tourist destinations and points of interest, generated by a booking made on the WWW.NCC-TAXI-ITALY.COM by a customer (You).

The contract for the provision of transport services is between you and the Supplier.

The address of the operational headquarters of our company is: Corso Matteotti 14 23900 Lecco – Italy.

The VAT number is: 03085740136

It is recommended that you read the following terms and conditions carefully before making any booking, as they contain important information relating to your rights and obligations that you are contractually bound to comply with.

These booking conditions, together with the information published on our website and your “TRIP VOUCHER” constitute the agreement entered into between you and the Supplier and are applicable to all bookings made through the WWW.NCC-TAXI-ITALY.COM.


The following travel conditions apply to all customers who book with ITINERIS SRL

ITINERIS SRL makes reservations on your behalf with service providers. The contract for the provision of the transport service is concluded between you and the third party service provider under the conditions indicated below. The customer, before making an online reservation, must ensure that he has read and understood the rental conditions that will govern the future contract. By booking a service from a service provider through our website, you are entering into a contract with the service provider of which ITINERIS SRL is not a party.

Our customer service is available for any clarification regarding travel conditions.

Through its website WWW.NCC-TAXI-ITALY.COM , we offer the following types of transfer services with vehicles ranging from the car (from 1 to 3 passengers), to the minibus (from 4 to 8 passengers), to the bus (from 9 to 60 passengers).

The customer purchases a transfer service only and exclusively for himself and / or for the group to which he belongs. The chosen vehicle is at the complete disposal of the customer for the booked service. The driver will wait for the customer at the meeting point specified in the booking and will take him / her from the point of departure to the point of arrival requested at the time of booking.

Reservations can only be made for a vehicle category, not for a make or model. ITINERIS SRL and the car service provider reserve the right to use a make or model of vehicle not belonging to the booked category, or of a higher category, in the event that the booked category is not (or is no longer) available. In this case it will not be necessary to pay any supplement.


a. When two or more people are included in the same booking, or when the booking is made on behalf of third parties, the person making the booking (Client) will be treated as an agent towards the other members of the group (Passengers) and, therefore, accepts the conditions of ITINERIS SRL on their behalf. If the reservation is made by telephone or fax, the reservation is subject, and the customer accepts it, to the conditions of ITINERIS SRL.

b. At the time of booking, the customer declares to be of age and ensures that all the data provided correspond to reality, are correct, complete and that the credit or debit card used is owned by the same and that there are sufficient funds or credits to cover the cost of the Service. ITINERIS SRL will not be responsible for any errors in the booking and will not refund anything in the event of missing services due to these errors. If these errors imply that ITINERIS SRL or its suppliers have to perform a service other than the one actually booked and this entails additional costs to the service, the Customer will have to pay this difference directly to the driver, communicated to him by the ITINERIS SRL booking office, before ‘performance of the service.

c. Payment for the service is required at the time of booking. The reservation made by the customer is considered as a “reservation request”, which will be sent by email to ITINERIS SRL and, in copy, to the customer himself, who allows the debit of his credit card for an amount equal to the price of the service required.

If ITINERIS SRL will be able to carry out the requested service and after successful payment, the customer will receive, again by email, the booking confirmation (TRIP VOUCHER) and the cost of the service will be charged to the credit card provided by the customer to act of the reservation request. The sending of the email is considered a proof of its receipt by the customer.

If ITINERIS SRL will not be able, for any reason, to perform the service, it will send the customer, via email, the cancellation of his “Booking Request”. In this case, nothing will be charged to the customer’s credit card.

The booking confirmation (TRIP VOUCHER) is in effect the travel ticket. This must be printed, carried with you and shown to the ITINERIS SRL driver, before each transfer. The “Booking Request”, on the other hand, has no validity as a travel ticket.

d. It is the customer’s responsibility to check that all the data printed on the Travel Ticket (TRIP VOUCHER) actually correspond to those chosen by himself at the time of booking. Any anomalies must be communicated by email to BOOKING@NCC-TAXI-ITALY.COM before carrying out the service.

e. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide a valid mobile phone number for at least one of the passengers, including the international prefix, just in case, since the departure time from the pick-up point may vary in case of bad weather or heavy traffic or any another reason that jeopardizes the regular execution. In the event that the passenger does not have a mobile phone, the telephone number of the place where the passenger is staying must be indicated. Any variation of the pick up will be notified by phone or sms by ITINERIS SRL in the 24 hours preceding the transfer. It is therefore the responsibility of passengers to check any messages received on the mobile phone by ITINERIS SRL.

In the event that no telephone contact is indicated in the reservation, it will be the responsibility of the Customer or passenger to contact ITINERIS SRL to verify any changes that have occurred in the reservation.

In the event that there are changes in schedules or other that cause the Passenger to miss the transfer and the Customer and / or Passenger has not previously contacted ITINERIS SRL, nothing will be refunded to the Customer and / or passenger. .

f. All payments made can be refunded only if canceled by ITINERIS SRL.

g. The legal rights of the customer can in no case be denied or diminished.

h.These General Conditions are subject to the provisions of Italian law. For any dispute that may arise between the customer, ITINERIS SRL or one of its suppliers, the court of Lecco will be competent.


a. Each passenger can carry 1 hold baggage with a maximum weight of 32 kg and a maximum size of 158 cm, and 1 hand luggage with the dimensions of 55 x 25 x 35 cm (l x w x h) and a maximum weight of 10 kg maximum, per person. The sum of the dimensions of hand luggage cannot exceed 115 cm including wheels. ITINERIS SRL advises to pay attention to the fact that the trunks of most sedan category cars cannot contain more than 2 hold luggage. In the event that the customer intends to travel with two or more companions, or wishes to carry more luggage than what is included in the basic rate, ITINERIS SRL recommends that you book another category of car, such as a Minivan, instead of one. sedan. A reasonable amount of hand luggage, at the driver’s discretion, can be loaded into the passenger compartment. Excess baggage will be loaded only if possible, at the discretion of the driver.

b. If the Customer has golf bags or bicycles with him, for which a price supplement may be required, he must insert it in the appropriate spaces during the booking. In case of failure to communicate ITINERIS SRL or its suppliers may refuse to transport the undeclared items.

c. All baggage must be tagged with the owner’s name and destination. The baggage is transported under the sole responsibility of the customer who will not be entitled to any refund for any loss or damage to the baggage. Luggage forgotten in the vehicle that carried out the transport service will be delivered to the address communicated by the Customer at his own expense.

d. ITINERIS SRL will do everything to satisfy the special requests indicated in the space provided by its customers, but is not, however, obliged to do so.


a. ITINERIS SRL is not required to verify any delays in flights, ships or trains or other means of transport used by the Customer. It is the Customer’s responsibility to promptly notify any delays to the ITINERIS SRL offices, or to the Supplier directly

b. If the Customer has booked a private transfer or a shuttle transfer and a delay in the flight, or ship, or train, or other means of transport used by the Customer occurs, the driver of ITINERIS SRL or its supplier will wait up to 30 minutes before expected arrival. Beyond 30 minutes of waiting, upon communication by the customer and acceptance of the same, a supplement of € 50.00 will be applied for each hour or fraction of an hour of delay for the car or minibus up to 8 passengers and € 65 for other vehicles up to 50 passengers, to be paid directly to the driver before the transfer is made. If the Customer does not communicate the delay of more than 30 minutes or does not accept this surcharge for the wait, the driver will leave and the Customer will have lost the transfer and will not be entitled to any refund.

c. ITINERIS SRL will do its utmost to ensure that all vehicles arrive on time at their scheduled destinations, but specifies that in no case may it be called to answer for the consequences of any kind suffered by the Customer due to the fact that the transfer has not been brought to deadline due to events and happenings not directly dependent on the driver’s will and / or occurring due to force majeure (heavy traffic, bad weather, sudden and unreported or planned road interruptions, accidents, stops for police checks, compliance with regulations imposed even temporarily by the competent authorities for the safety of road users, etc., etc.).

However, the possibility is contemplated for the Customer to obtain, at his justified and documented request, the reimbursement of the transfer price paid in advance, only in the event that the failure to implement or use the requested service or its interruption before arrival. at destination, should not depend on the aforementioned reasons of force majeure or on the Customer’s will.


a. Smoking is not allowed in vehicles used by ITINERIS SRL suppliers.

b. All ITINERIS SRL suppliers may refuse to transport anyone who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and / or whose behavior is considered threatening to the driver himself, to vehicles or to other passengers.

c. It is not allowed to introduce alcoholic beverages or drugs into the vehicles used by ITINERIS SRL with the intention of consuming them.

d. All vehicles used by ITINERIS SRL suppliers are insured regulations for civil liability towards third parties according to the current legislation of the country in which the transport is carried out.

e. All transfers made by ITINERIS SRL, except for the shuttle bus service at fixed times, are door-to-door transfers where local provisions allow it.

f. The route indicated at the time of booking is indicative. The actual route is at the discretion of the driver who considers traffic conditions, road closures, particular weather conditions, etc …

g. The transport of children by car is regulated by specific rules and requires the use of particular accessory devices. When booking, please communicate the number and age of the children.


a. The cancellation of the reservation can only be made by email to BOOKING@NCC-TAXI-ITALY.COM and will be confirmed, again by email, by the offices of ITINERIS SRL. If the customer does not receive the cancellation confirmation email, it is his responsibility to contact the ITINERIS SRL offices by telephone. Reservation cancellations must be made at least three days before the outbound transfer date. In this case no penalty will be applied and ITINERIS SRL will reimburse only the cost of the booked transfer and any supplements by deducting € 10.00 for the cost of the transaction by credit card or other means of payment used for the refund. If the cancellation is made within three days prior to the transfer, nothing will be refunded to the Customer. In case of no show, ITINERIS SRL will charge the full price without any refund.

ITINERIS SRL reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time, if it is unable to guarantee the correct execution of the service, refunding only the cost of the booked service.

b. Changes to be made to the reservation must be communicated by email to the address: BOOKING@NCC-TAXI-ITALY.COM , at least twenty-four hours before the booked service. If the customer does not receive the change confirmation email, it is his responsibility to contact the ITINERIS SRL offices by telephone, which reserves the right not to accept any changes.

c. Any complaints and related refund requests must be prevented in writing, by email to BOOKING@NCC-TAXI-ITALY.COM , within 15 (fifteen) days of the service being performed.


Rates include fuel and motorway tolls. For services that start at the airport, a free 30-minute waiting time is included in the rate compared to the official arrival time. The waiting time after the first 30 minutes will be charged on an hourly basis as indicated in point 4b. Fractions of an hour of any duration are considered a full hour. Rates do not include: tips, ferry or tunnel expenses, parking, complementary services, entrances to historic centers and ZTL where required, driver waits of more than 30 minutes at the airports.

The rates are subject to continuous changes depending on the time, day of the week, the time missing from the service at the time the quote is drawn up, and the availability of vehicles. There is no guarantee that the same rate will be applied to the same service requested on different dates or times. For services carried out on holidays or during the night (22.00 – 07.00) there is a supplement already calculated in the booking request.


Passengers will meet the driver at the place agreed upon at the time of booking. For this purpose, the customer must comply with the following instructions when booking:

-accurately indicate places that are easily identifiable and reachable by the driver;

-provide the phone number. passenger cell phone;

-indicate the flight number and the airport terminal, in case of airport transfers;

-expressly indicate any need to use child seats (indicate age)

-also indicate if the customer has any specific temporary disability (e.g. leg in plaster, or need to use a wheelchair)

In case of difficulty in meeting the driver, the passenger must contact the ITINERIS SRL Help Desk at the telephone number that will be provided in the booking confirmation email.


On the website WWW.NCC-TAXI-ITALY.COM it is possible to make reservations in different languages. Should any discrepancies occur in the translation from the Italian language to the other languages, the Italian version of the site will prevail in any case.